Test your Internet Connection Bandwidth - Host based in Europe-France
(optimized for xDSL, WiFi and WiMAX Throughputs)

The test server is hosted by Online.net and is using the network of Free ISP (both Iliad group subsidiaries).
Free owns one of the most important Internet backbone in France as well as the most popular peering point FreeIX.

It measures the efficient bandwidth of the weakest link between your computer and the server running the script
has been adapted to take into account new throughputs provided by ADSL2+ and WiMAX technologies.

Important!: The test results show the IP efficient throughput and may be subject to server limitations. It will give you
a true figure equivalent to what you will get in real life operations.

Test behaviour: A first packet is sent containing 128KB to evaluate rough speed,
then a second with 128KB to 512KB depending on first result,
and a third one of 512KB to 4608KB again depending on bandwidth.
After conversion the result is displayed in KBytes/secfor both IP and ATM.
[Emmanuel Haydont – septembre 21st 2005]

This Test measures the IP download throughoutput between isp.haydont.net
and your equipment ec2-34-239-167-149.compute-1.amazonaws.com (

Speed Test